My Country of Difficulty is not in the ESTA Drop Down Menu, Different Passport Eligibility Problems

In case you don t discover your united states of trouble inside the drop down menu, make sure you are deciding on the right United States of America. Your “country of difficulty” is similar to your ” USA of Citizenship”. As an example, if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, but have become your passport from the United Kingdom Consulate in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom is your country of difficulty. only citizens of nations taking part inside the Visa Waiver application (VWP) should observe for Electronic System for Travel Authorization.


if you have dual citizenship and have registered with ESTA, you have to use your VWP-eligible passport to board the plane when you leave your united states of departure and when you arrive inside the U.S. If both your nations of citizenship are VWP-eligible, then we strongly suggest you pick out which one you need to assert for functions of journey to the U.S. and use that country s passport every time you journey. One person with two exceptional ESTA Visa US authorizations creates confusion with a view to only postpone your journey. If you are a citizen of the U.S. and also of a VWP usa, you must now not be Apply ESTA. One of the requirements of being a naturalized U.S. citizen is that you observe for, and use, a U.S. passport for your travels. When you fill the application form then pay some ESTA FEE.


If you have a true emergency, and are unable to achieve a U.S. Passport before your travels, and only have a VWP-eligible passport, then you may have to follow via ESTA the use of that passport to tour to the U.S. when arriving on the U.S. airport the use of the overseas passport, you may have to use the non-resident queue.

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