Can I apply for an ESTA without having Confirmed Travel Plans and Update?

Yes. Particular journey plans are not mandatory on the time of application, but you will need a U.S. point of contact. Even though specific journey plans are not required, the deal with wherein you may be staying in the United States is recommended to finish the application. If more than one location is deliberate, you only want to enter the primary deal with. If a whole address isn’t known, you could input the name of the inn or location you’ll go to in U.S. factor of touch statistics and the word Unknowns in the rest of the fields.

In case you are in transit, please choose sure to them is your travel to the U.S. going on in transit to any other united states of America? Question within the travel information section.


Prior to submitting an electronic tour authorization application with the required payment facts, you may replace all application information fields except the passport number and passport issuing United States. As soon as an application is accepted, you can update best the following fields:

  • E-mail address
  • Address in the U.S.

So Apply ESTA here with hassle free and easily obtain ESTA USA VISA for visiting to the USA.

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