United States Commercial Business and Tourism Visas B1/B2 Offerings

The B1 category is for business site visitors who’re non-immigrants and B2 is for tourism traveler. To be eligible for the visitor visa, a person wishes to demonstrate their reason of live within the US and prove that their live is temporary. They need to reveal their reason of live with a private statement and files from third celebration and this depends on how you’re journeying – as a B1 or a B2 vacationer.

If an individual is coming to the us for business cause then a letter from foreign agency is sufficient.


Business and Tourism Visas B1/B2 offerings may assist those who come for sightseeing. but, travelers want to verify that they’re financially stable to finance their journey. someone might also obtain B1 visa quicker than every other type of visa and might use it for multi cause as advised. The duration of live for a unmarried experience can be maximum 6 months.

An person who applies for business visa may also experience doing these things:

  • conduct negotiations for business.
  • carry out investment or solicit sales.
  • speak any plans for investment or make purchase.
  • Attend business meetings and take part actively in them.
  • they may behavior interviews for hiring staff.

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization and it is an  online application system that developed by the United States government and you obtain ESTA Authorization USA online.

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