Which Site to Apply for Filing ESTA Visa Application?

Most applicants choose third-party platforms for ESTA visa on-line. It is so because third-party sites provide complete information on electronic authorization. The application needs to be filled at one go as no corrections are allowed. If you are getting into details on real application then you need to be careful as entering incorrect detail will get your application rejected. But if you are on a third-party site then it could help.


Applicants need to pay a ESTA Fee of $14 for authorization. It is a nominal fee that every applicant has to pay. But it’s far the official fee that only authority’s websites charge. if you are on a website owned and operated by a third-party then you will pay more than $14 as the website owner will add his profit to the government fee. Now the question is whether you should use a government site or a third-party platform.

us-visa-esta.com (5).jpg

A third-party site can provide you an opportunity to make corrections, in case you make an incorrect entry. You will get a ESTA USA Visa Application Online Form and the website will enter the details on the real site, if you approve the entries.

For more information about Electronic System for Travel Authorization, visit the US VISA ESTA website.


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