How Do I know If My ESTA Application Was Approved? Will You Send Me An Email?

When you apply for ESTA keeping in mind the end goal to get your approval status you should click next after you get your application number. We won’t send you a different email or other check that you have connected for ESTA VISA USA or whether your application was affirmed. That last Next page gives the main warning you will get.


In the event that you got endorsement and did not print out or record your application number, which is required keeping in mind the end goal to overhaul your application or check your status, you may recover the application number through the ESTA USA VISA site by clicking Retrieve Application Number and entering the candidates name, date of birth, visa number and international ID issuing nation.


As a rule, Electronic System For Travel Authorization (ESTA) gives a practically quick assurance of qualification for go under the VWP. There are three sorts of reactions to an ESTA USA Application Online: Authorization Approved, Authorization Pending and Travel Not Authorized. Candidates who get an endorsement are approved to go to the United States under the VWP.

Thank You !


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