E-VISA-USA – ESTA Frequently Asked Questions

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is mandatory to travelling to the united states, if you think about visit to the United States. E-VISA-USA provides some important FAQs for travelers who still aren’t sure about the ESTA and what it means.


Q) Since when did the ESTA become mandatory?

A) ESTA became mandatory on 12, 2009 for all travelers under the Visa Waiver Program.

Q) How long is the ESTA valid for?

A) If your ESTA registration is successful, it will be valid for two years or until your passport expires.

Q) I am entering the U.S. from Canada or Mexico; do I require travel authorization under ESTA?

A) If you’re entering from Canada or Mexico by land then you won’t be necessary to obtain ESTA Travel Authorization.


Q) What information do I need in order to apply for an ESTA?

A) Some information required upon ESTA application such as:-

  •     Name
  •     Date of Birth
  •     Gender
  •     Phone number
  •     E-mail address
  •     Country of citizenship
  •     Country of current residence


Q) I have previous convictions; can I still register under ESTA?

A) You are eligible to register for ESTA  if you are qualified to travel under the Visa Waver Program.

Q) How do I apply for an ESTA?

A) It is simple and quick process Apply ESTA just you visit the application page and fill in the online form with all detail and personal information.

Thank You!


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