The Purpose of ESTA VISA

This is one of the online application programs to generate by US Government its provides to the check for all the visitors.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is web-based authorization systems from any foreign visitors to the US from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries.ESTA Visa USA is an automatic system it determines and checks the eligibility of visitors.



First of all ESTA is a primary – authority to the Untied State and Filing online application is the first step toward travel authorization and one has to be accurate when filling the travel details like passport address or no. in the application form and  the validity of ESTA USA VISA only two years.


Important Facts about ESTA

ESTA is not a visa. ESTA is a primary-authorization to board an Untied State. It necessary the arriving by air or ship. This application program it determines the eligibility of the visitors to visit the USA under the VISA Waiver Program. ESTA Registration may be any time to submit at a time prior to travel. If you are traveling with a visa for business work, tourism or study related purpose, you are not required to register and American citizens are not required to register

The purpose of USA ESTA is to let the US government prescreen all visa waiver travelers before they leave their respective countries.

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