What If My Passport Expired?

You go on a trip, make sure your passport should be valid for a traveling period that is greater than the duration of your journey. Your passport is the identity document in another country which should valid internationally.

ESTA is an only a travel permit, not an identity document. The ESTA Electronic System for Travel Authorization is linked to your passport when you submit your application, so when your passport expires, your approved ESTA permit also expires. A new ESTA request is mandatory after renewing or updating your passport.



How long time is my ESTA authorization valid?

The ESTA Travel Authorization is valid for two years or until your passport expires. This means you can stay 90 days in the Unites States. Exact travel date is not necessary to ESTA USA Visa Application Online but includes optional destination and airline carrier fields in the online application. The travel authorization is granted for multiple trips in the United States throughout the two-year validity period.


In which cases, should I renew my ESTA Application?

There are certain cases in which it is necessary to obtain a new esta travel authorization through the online system: –
•    If you get a new passport, then each ESTA application is valid for a single passport.
•    If you renewed your passport, then must renew your ESTA application.
•    If you change a name.
•    If you change your gender.
•    If you have changed your country of citizenship or residence.

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