Some Items Not To bring to the U.S. Embassy

When applying for a non- immigrant US visa then many things are not allowed inside the U.S. Embassy. Many of our visa applicants find themselves what items to bring like Can I bring my cell phone?  Can I listen to music on my mp3 player? You can frequently asked these question at the U.S. Embassy gate.

The following items are not Permitted: –

  • Any kind of battery- operated devices such as mobile phone, digital camera, laptop, music player, portable game consoles such as PSP, USB thumb drive, mobile tablet, etc.
  • Any flame-generating device like lighter
  • sharp objects like spikes, blade
  • any device with an On/Off switch
  • food and drinks


If any applicants who bring these devices will be denied entry and again requested to book a new interview appointment.  Remember that there is no storage at the US Embassy for personal items.

ESTA is way that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the United States but ESTA is eligible under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). ESTA Apply Online at any time prior to travel.

Thank You !


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