Tips For An Acceptable Visa Photo

If your photo is acceptable for a U.S. visa, then you ensure to quick processing of your visa application. U.S. visa take a time to check out the photo is fulfill the criteria for an ACCEPTABLE vs UNACCEPTABLE photo.

Photo Basics


  •   Photo should be clear and clearly identify the subject.
  •   The subject should be facing the camera, and give neutral expression and both eyes open



  • Subject not facing forward and not looking at camera, not clear face such as darkness on face and background, expression not neutral.

original 2

Size & Position


  • Photo should be 2”x2” (51 x 51 mm) along with the head centered and sized between 1” and 1.4” (25 and 35 mm).
  • Camera distance four feet (1.2 m) from subject, head size from chin to top of head should be between 1” and 1.4” (25 and 35 mm)

original 3


  •    Camera too close to subject that’s why fish-eye distortion, head size too large and      also head is not centered properly.

original 4

Pose and Expression


  • Subject is directly facing camera with a neutral expression

original 5


  • Subject is looking down, not clear face.

original 6



  • Subject’s pupils and irises are clearly visible and no glare on glasses

original 8


  • Not clear glasses or any shadows on the face along with tinted lens also are not acceptable.

original 7



  •    Subject’s Background is uniform, white or off-white and also free of shadows.

original 13


  •           Background is not plain and shadows.

original 14

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Thank You !


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